Kerri Rolland, Snr Production Manager extraordinaire, has worked at Red Kite for 6 years now and is a veteran of the production team. Her credits include Dennis and Gnasher, Ask Lara and Wendy. Today, Kerri is the focus of our ‘ask me anything’ on twitter #askkerri so do tweet us your questions.

Let’s learn a bit more about our Kerri shall we…?


Q1.           How did you get started in animation?

“Am ashamed to say it was a fluke. I studied theatre, went on to do post grad in screen production, then landed a job here at Red Kite. I worked my way up though.”

Q2.           What’s your favourite part of the production process?

“Each stage is exciting, but I think most important is scripting. It’s all about the stories. If you don’t have a good script, you don’t have a good episode/ series.”

Q3.           What’s you least favourite part of the production process?

“Honestly, it’s all the post stuff that needs me to think about anything technical. I’m a creative darling. :)

Q4.           What do you wish you had been told before starting out as a Production Manager?

“I don’t know if words would have been more useful than my experiences, but a lot of time is spent mediating and problem solving.”

Q5.           What advice would you give to someone trying to become a Production Manager?

“You have to love what you do. There are bad days, horrible days and some good days. And hopefully at the end, you’re proud of what you’ve achieved.”

Q6.           If you could have worked on any animated series in the whole wide world, which series would it be?

“X-Men or Spider-Man. Loved watching those shows when I was younger. Love that they have a series story arc.”

Q7.           Is that your favourite animated show?

“At the moment, has to be Family Guy. It’s so wrong but so very funny.”

Q8.           What’s your personal motto to live by? 

“I don’t know if I have a motto, but I need to have 8 hours sleep. A grumpy Kerri is no fun. :)


And finally, here’s a transcript of the Twitter results for #askkerri….

@Kerri_bee:  @RedKiteAnimatn are asking me questions about my role & what i do. Join in & ask me anything! Within reason….


Who is you favourite writer you’ve worked with to date? And why? :)

@Kerri_bee: hmm. Tough. Not sure I want to name them but they def get the show & so has scripts signed off before D3! :)


What was your most unforgettable moment (good or bad) whilst working in D&G Series 3?

@Kerri_bee: hmm. The writers workshop! 20 writers & the producers tucked away in a haunted hotel for 3 days. The stories I could tell :)


How does a writer go about getting invited to one of your workshops?

@Kerri_bee: we usually source writers through agents & create a long list. Those short-listed will be able to attend & submit ideas.


What kind of ideas impress you the most?

@Kerri_bee: ideas that are original & in line with the unique ‘world’ of the series. And when it comes to it, clever dialogue.


@Neil_Rolland: @Kerri_bee How do you cope keep a work/life balance? You must have an amazing husband at home?

@Kerri_bee: Work life balance is important. As well as a supportive family, RK made it easier coming back from mat leave


@RedKiteAnimatn: Last set of questions for @Kerri_bee #askkerri before we finish: ‘Who would win in a fight (for your affections, obviously) Lara or Wendy?’

@lucythelamb: @RedKiteAnimatn @Kerri_bee Looking forward to hearing the answer to that one : )

@Kerri_bee: haha! How can I choose?! :) I’m really proud of Wendy because it’s such a big show & looks so pretty…

@Kerri_bee: …but Ask Lara was so different to everything else out there and nominated for an Emmy. Proud of both!


In an argument do you a) state your case and hold your ground b) back down straight away c) look for a compromise?

@Kerri_bee: Ha! There are times when you’re faced with difficult situations but tact and compromise are your best friends at all times.


good answer ;) Kerri, what do you think about playing by the rules?



Kerri, why is your desk so much tidier than everyone elses?

@Kerri_bee: OCD :)

Super big thank you for Kerri who coped very well under todays interogation. Next up… well, just watch this space ;)

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