Princess Emmy

Based on the best-selling children’s book series Princess Emmy And Her Horses, this feature film focuses on the life of Emmy, who is a young girl with a secret gift – she can speak to horses.

Up until now, life for Emmy has been wonderful: exploring and hanging out with her best friends – A stable full of amazing horses; spending time with her family at the castle and not having a care in the world. That is until her jealous, scheming cousin Gianza appears; challenging her at every turn. And on top of that, Emmy must undergo the ultimate test to earn the right to keep her gift. There is a huge amount at stake for such a little girl.

Producer(s): Red Kite Animation, Studio 100 Media, Talking Horse, Whitebox, Animationsfabrik
Medium: 2D/3D combination
Target audience: pre-teen
Genre: Family/Animation
Status: to be delivered 2019

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