Essentials of Team Leadership – A Virtual Learning Programme.

Over the years, one of the things that has always been a challenge for a small business in the kids Film +TV business has been to find people with the right mix of skills and experience. Being based outside London makes that task even harder.

What we at Red Kite have had to do is identify really brilliant people who have the potential to become amazing and give them as much experience as we possibly can. That has nearly always been “learn by doing”. In other words, throwing people in at the deep end and expecting them to swim like Olympians.

What has gradually been happening in the UK Creative Industries through organisations such as Creative Skillset, is an “upskilling” of the whole sector. Owners and managers in small to medium sized businesses (which in our world, means just about everyone outside the BBC) have increasingly been developing training courses to plug gaps in their animation and related technical skills. However, the thing that we have not been doing is providing the Leaders in our companies with the knowledge and understanding of how to do their jobs even better!

When I talk of leaders I don’t just mean the MD or the Head of Production. There are leaders in all areas of what we do and a leader can be any age; so just because you are not the eldest person in the business doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to lead a team.

However, what we have lacked has been decent leadership training, the sort of training that any graduate starting work in one of our larger organisations take for granted. Of course they are being trained to be the leaders of the business / industry in which they work – why would anyone not do that?

So here is something different. Taking all that management and leadership knowledge and experience, gained in the training and development departments of big, blue-chip businesses and applying it to our industry. Using technology to enable people to join from anywhere in the UK at times that suit us and without having to spend entire days away from the office, studio or workspace (wherever that may be).

As an employer you would be mad not to take the opportunity to motivate your staff by showing them how much you appreciate them, how you value their contribution and how you consider them part of your future. As an individual looking to develop your skills, knowledge and create better opportunities for yourself how could you not be investing into a course that will set you apart? And as an industry, how much better and more successful will we be with a smart, talented, highly motivated and well trained workforce?

If you want to register for this excellent course then email:

The lovely people there will deal with all your questions and help you to register for the course.

Creative Leadership Virtual Train Course


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